Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 7, 2006 Maine General Election


Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election. Likewise, some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.
US Senate
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Jean M. Hay Bright - D
Olympia Snowe - R
William H. Slavick - I
US House of Representatives
Congressional District 1
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Thomas H. Allen - D
Darlene J. Curley - R
Dexter J. Kamilewicz - I
Congressional District 2
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Laurence S. Damboise - R
Michael H. Michaud - D
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John E. Baldacci - D
Barbara F. Merrill - I
Phillip Morris Napier - I
Chandler E. Woodcock
Maine Senate
State Senator District 1
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Peter B. Bowman - D
Kenneth F. Lemont - R
State Senator District 2
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Richard A. Nass - R
Thomas J. Wright - D
State Senator District 3
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Jonathan T.E. Courtney - R
Joseph Robert Hanslip - D
State Senator District 4
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Nancy B. Sullivan - D
Amanda J. Staples - R
State Senator District 5
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Barry J. Hobbins - D
Charity A. Kewish - R
State Senator District 6
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Philip L. Bartlett, II - D
Jane S. Willett - R
State Senator District 7
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Lynn Bromley - D
Kevin J. Glynn - R
Keith M. Louis - G
State Senator District 8
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David J. Babin - R
Kelsey Perchinski - G
Ethan Strimling - D
State Senator District 9
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Joseph C. Branningan - D
David R. Fernald - R
State Senator District 10
State Senator District 11
State Senator District 12
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William G. Diamond - D
Lani S. Kelly - R
State Senator District 13
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David R. Hastings, III - R
Marjorie M. Medd - D
Nelson Foley - I
State Senator District 14
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Bruce S. Bryant - D
Leonard P. Greaney - U
State Senator District 15
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Lois A. Snowe-Mello - R
Edward H. Desgrosseilliers - D
State Senator District 16
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Margaret R. Rotundo - D
Larry Poulin - R
State Senator District 17
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John M. Nutting - D
Randall Adam Greenwood - R
State Senator District 18
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Walter R. Gooley - R
Richard J. Holden - D
State Senator District 19
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Arthur F. Mayo, III - D
Paula I. Benoit - R
State Senator District 20
State Senator District 21
State Senator District 22
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Christine R. Savage
Scott Barrows - D
State Senator District 23
State Senator District 24
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Robert W. Nutting - R
Elizabeth H. Mitchell - D
State Senator District 25
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Thomas R. Davis - R
Lisa T. Marrache
State Senator District 26
State Senator District 27
State Senator District 28
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Dennis S. Damon - D
Kenneth Wade Fredette - R
State Senator District 29
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Thomas H. Finlay - D
Dana W. Kadey - U
Kevin L. Raye - R
Nancy Oden - I
State Senator District 30
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Deborah L. Gibbs - I
Patrick Joseph Joyce - R
Elizabeth Montgomery Schneider - D
State Senator District 31
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Richard W. Rosen - R
Ruth-Marie Spellman - D
State Senator District 32
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Eric Desmarais - SE
Frank J. Farrington - R
Joseph C. Perry - D
State Senator District 33
State Senator District 34
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J. Chipman Beckwith - D
Roger Leigh Sherman - R
State Senator District 35
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John L. Martin - D
Cathy A. Martin - R
Maine House
State Representative District 1
Troy D. Jackson - D
State Representative District 2
Kenneth C. Theriault - D
State Representative District 3
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Bernard L. A. Ayotte - R
Robert C. Learnard - D
State Representative District 4
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Charles R. Bernard, Jr. - D
Peter Edgecomb - R
State Representative District 5
State Representative District 6
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Tyler A. Clark - R
Jacqueline A. Lundeen - D
State Representative District 7
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John W. Churchill - R
Patricia B. Sutherland - D
State Representative District 8
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Richard C. Cleary - D
Dale L. Flewelling - R
State Representative District 9
State Representative District 10
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Kenneth F. Anderson - R
Herbert E. Clark - D
State Representative District 11
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Everett W. McLeod, Sr. - R
Beth Peloquin Turner - R
State Representative District 12
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Jeffery A. Gifford - R
David F. Kirkpatrick - D
State Representative District 13
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Robert S. Duchesne - D
Andrew Willard Gavett, III - R
State Representative District 14
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Richard D. Blanchard - D
Riley T. Donovan - R
State Representative District 15
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Scott Dunbar - R
Jacqueline R. Norton - D
State Representative District 16
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Patricia A. Blanchette - D
Tina Marie Stimpson - R
State Representative District 17
State Representative District 18
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Michael Edward Dunn - D
John I. Simpson - R
State Representative District 19
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Emily Ann Cain - D
Lance Cowan - R
State Representative District 20
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Darren M. Hall - R
Benjamin Marriner Pratt - D
State Representative District 21
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Charles D. Fisher - D
William T. Rogers, Jr. - R
State Representative District 22
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Christian David Greeley - R
Ben Erik Lamborn - D
State Representative District 23
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David E. Richardson - R
Donald E. Shepley - D
State Representative District 24
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Craig Denis - D
Douglas A. Thomas - R
State Representative District 25
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Richard Ryan Dort - D
Joshua A. Tardy - R
State Representative District 26
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James D. Annis - R
Daniel J. Philbrick - D
State Representative District 27
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Julius L. Erdo - D
Earl E. Richardson - R
State Representative District 28
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Dean A. Cray - R
Jeanne Hogate - D
State Representative District 29
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Arthur Hanson Clement - D
Stacey Allen Fitts - R
State Representative District 30
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Albion D. Goodwin - D
Howard E. McFadden - R
State Representative District 31
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Judith A. Alexander - R
Anne C. Perry - D
State Representative District 32
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Harold Ian Emery - R
Harold A. Prescott, Sr. - D
State Representative District 33
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Clifford Norton, III - D
Joseph L. Tibbetts - R
State Representative District 34
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Leonard Earl Bierman - R
Robert N. Eaton - D
State Representative District 35
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Theodore Koffman - D
David A. Partridge - R
State Representative District 36
State Representative District 37
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James M. Schatz - D
F. Robert Bauer - I
Kerry Ann Sullivan - R
State Representative District 38
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Robert H. Crosthwaite - R
Steven B. Savage - D
State Representative District 39
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Brian M. Duprey - R
David Anderson Higgins - D
State Representative District 40
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Brenda R. Leclerc - D
Kimberley C. Rosen - R
State Representative District 41
State Representative District 42
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Donna M. Gilbert - D
Michael D. Thibodeau - R
State Representative District 43
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Walter E. Ash, Jr. - D
Jayne Crosby Giles - R
State Representative District 44
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Peter P. Misluk, Jr. - D
Robert P. Walker - R
State Representative District 45
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Ryan R. Harmon - R
John F. Piotti - D
State Representative District 46
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Stephen Bowen - R
David R. Miramant - D
State Representative District 47
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Edward J. Mazurek - D
James Raye - R
State Representative District 48
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Nancy Glover - D
Christopher W. Rector - R
State Representative District 49
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Diane F. Cowan - D
Wesley E. Richardson - R
State Representative District 50
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Wendy Pieh - D
Arthur E. Tainter, Jr. - R
State Representative District 51
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Ellen E. Dickens - D
Jonathan B. Mckane - R
State Representative District 52
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William C. Mckeen - R
Elizabeth S. Miller - D
State Representative District 53
State Representative District 54
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Kenneth C. Fletcher - R
Kevin P. Fredette - D
State Representative District 55
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David H. Cotta - R
Judd D. Thompson - D
State Representative District 56
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Kimberly J. Davis - R
Kimberly E.W. Silsby - D
State Representative District 57
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Patsy Garside Crockett - D
Rachel Y. Ellis - R
State Representative District 58
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William P. Browne - R
Alexis Legendre - D
State Representative District 59
State Representative District 60
State Representative District 61
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William A. Bailey - R
Bruce W. MacDonald - D
State Representative District 62
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Shawn A. Gethicker - R
Thomas R. Watson - D
State Representative District 63
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Amy L. Mckenna - R
Charles R. Priest - D
State Representative District 64
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Chester L. Garrison - R
Leila Jane Percy - D
State Representative District 65
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Carol A. Grose - D
Susan H. Wasserott - R
State Representative District 66
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David Frans - G
Stanley J. Gerzofsky - D
Todd Rider - R
State Representative District 67
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Seth A. Berry - D
Brian D. Hobart - R
State Representative District 68
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Michael Gary Beaulieu - R
Sheila M. Desgrosseilliers - D
State Representative District 69
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Ronald W. Potvin - R
Deborah L. Simpson - D
State Representative District 70
State Representative District 71
State Representative District 72
State Representative District 73
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Laurier P. Lachance - R
Richard V. Wagner - D
State Representative District 74
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Margaret M. Craven - D
John L. Painter - R
State Representative District 75
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Kathryn Marie Grefer-Kirkland - D
Scott E. Lansley - R
State Representative District 76
State Representative District 77
Compare the candidates
Christopher M. Duperry - R
Pamela Jabar Trinward - D
State Representative District 78
Compare the candidates
Jill M. Conover - D
Kevin Albert Purnell, II - R
State Representative District 79
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David Sirois - R
Sharon A. Treat - D
State Representative District 80
Compare the candidates
Nancy E. Smith - D
George Rawlings Thomson - R
State Representative District 81
Compare the candidates
Gary L. Knight - R
Clark L. Souther - D
State Representative District 82
Compare the candidates
Patrick S. Flood - R
Priscilla J. Jenkins - D
State Representative District 83
State Representative District 84
State Representative District 85
Compare the candidates
Donna Wallace Finley - R
Pamela H. Hatch - D
State Representative District 86
State Representative District 87
State Representative District 88
Compare the candidates
Wright H. Pinkham, Sr. - R
Paul Leo Tessier - D
State Representative District 89
Compare the candidates
Lance Evans Harvell - R
Janet T. Mills - D
State Representative District 90
Compare the candidates
Maxine B. Collins - D
Thomas B. Saviello - R
State Representative District 91
Compare the candidates
Nancy J. Bessey - R
Timothy A. Carter - D
State Representative District 92
Compare the candidates
John L. Patrick - D
Paula P. Smith - R
State Representative District 93
Compare the candidates
Reginald W. Arsenault, Jr. - D
Randy E. Hotham - R
State Representative District 94
Compare the candidates
Bruce Q. Hanley - R
Teresea M. Hayes - D
State Representative District 95
Compare the candidates
Roy G. Gedat - D
Sawin H. Millett, Jr. - R
State Representative District 96
Compare the candidates
Joan Bryant-Deschenes - R
Lawrence G. Sirois - D
State Representative District 97
State Representative District 98
Compare the candidates
Sheila H. Rollins - D
Richard M. Sykes - R
State Representative District 99
Compare the candidates
Philip A. Cressey, Jr. - R
Katherine Marie Smith - D
State Representative District 100
Compare the candidates
James F. Bradley - D
James Michael Hamper - R
State Representative District 101
Compare the candidates
Thomas J. Bossie - D
Richard M. Cebra - R
State Representative District 102
Compare the candidates
Gary Wayne Moore - R
Michael A. Shaw - D
State Representative District 103
State Representative District 104
State Representative District 105
Compare the candidates
Christopher S. Rheault - D
Michael A. Vaughan - R
State Representative District 106
Compare the candidates
Marguerite Migliaccio - R
David C. Webster - D
State Representative District 107
Compare the candidates
Brian Paul Bicknell - R
Richard G. Woodbury - I
State Representative District 108
Compare the candidates
Donna M. Damon - D
Meredith N. Strang Burgess - R
State Representative District 109
Compare the candidates
Susan M. Austin - R
Anne P. Graham - D
State Representative District 110
Compare the candidates
Mark E. Bryant - D
Clayton W. Haskell - R
State Representative District 111
Compare the candidates
Geoffrey W. Heckman - D
Gary E. Plummer - R
State Representative District 112
State Representative District 113
Compare the candidates
John R. Brautigam - D
David W. Elowitch - R
State Representative District 114
State Representative District 115
Compare the candidates
Glenn A. Cummings - D
Melinda Loring - R
Murrough H. Obrien - G
State Representative District 116
Compare the candidates
Janette E. Gauger - R
Charles W. Harlow - D
State Representative District 117
Compare the candidates
Anne M. Haskell - D
John W. Safarik - G
David E. Pelletier - R
State Representative District 118
State Representative District 119
Compare the candidates
Herbert C. Adams - D
Jason M. Lavoie - R
Matthew G. Reading - G
State Representative District 120
Compare the candidates
Jeffrey B. Ferland - R
Benjamin J. Meiklejohn - G
Anne M. Rand - D
State Representative District 121
Compare the candidates
Cynthia A. Dill - D
Jennifer J. Duddy - R
State Representative District 122
Compare the candidates
Lawrence Bliss - D
William R. Laidley - G
Paul Nixon - R
State Representative District 123
State Representative District 124
Compare the candidates
David C. Feeney - R
Bryan T. Kaenrath - D
Andrew Patrick Souza - G
State Representative District 125
Compare the candidates
Lyle B. Cramer - R
Ann E. Peoples - D
State Representative District 126
State Representative District 127
Compare the candidates
Shawn A. Babine - D
John F. Mcdonough - R
State Representative District 128
Compare the candidates
Sylvia J. Most - R
Peggy A. Pendleton - D
Leo Knighton Tallarico - G
State Representative District 129
Compare the candidates
Christopher R. Barstow - D
Harold Eugene Freeman, Jr. - R
State Representative District 130
Compare the candidates
David W. Farrington - D
Ryan H. Harnden - R
State Representative District 131
Compare the candidates
Bonita J. Breault - D
Donald G. Marean - R
State Representative District 132
Compare the candidates
William J. Gombar - R
George W. Hogan, Sr. - D
State Representative District 133
State Representative District 134
Compare the candidates
John W. Cushing - R
Linda M. Valentino - D
State Representative District 135
Paulette G. Beaudoin - D
State Representative District 136
Compare the candidates
Stephan R. Beaudette - D
Heather Mills - I
State Representative District 137
Compare the candidates
Alan M. Casavant - D
Stedman Seavey, Jr. - R
State Representative District 138
Compare the candidates
James J. Campbell, Sr. - U
Lacey M. Sloan - D
State Representative District 139
Compare the candidates
Lawrence E. Jacobsen - R
Joseph Andrew Wagner - D
State Representative District 140
Compare the candidates
Gary A. Connor - D
Sylvia Perreault - R
State Representative District 141
Compare the candidates
Christopher W. Babbidge - D
Kevin Rheaume - R
State Representative District 142
Compare the candidates
Andrea M. Boland - D
Robert B. Carr - R
State Representative District 143
Compare the candidates
Debra J. Reagan - R
John L. Tuttle, Jr. - D
State Representative District 144
State Representative District 145
Compare the candidates
Richard J. Burns - I
Oscar C. Stone - R
State Representative District 146
Compare the candidates
Bonnie S. Gould - R
David G. Burke - I
Adam B. Scharff - D
State Representative District 147
Compare the candidates
Kathleen D. Chase - R
Anthony V. Cilluffo - D
Russell P. Fox - I
State Representative District 148
Compare the candidates
Roberta B. Beavers - D
Sarah O. Lewin - R
State Representative District 149
Compare the candidates
Dawn Hill - D
Bradley S. Moulton - R
State Representative District 150
Compare the candidates
Kinley Gregg - D
Windol C. Weaver - R
State Representative District 151
Compare the candidates
Glenn T. Shwaery - R
Walter A. Wheeler, Sr. - D
Referendums and Ballot Measures
$112,975,000 bond issue for improvements
Do you favor a $112,975,000 bond issue for improvements to highways and bridges, airports, public transit facilities, ferry and port facilities including port and harbor structures and bicycle and pedestrian trails that makes the State eligible for over $260,525,000 in federal and other matching funds?
$18,300,000 bond issue to support drinking water programs
Do you favor an $18,300,000 bond issue to support drinking water programs and to support the construction of wastewater treatment facilities that will leverage $49,500,000 in other funds?
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